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CV Preparation

Your CV Checklist

How it should look:

Use a good quality A4 plain paper
Use a plain font avoiding excessive use of bold and italics
Do not use pictures or symbols
Think about the length try to stick to 2 pages, 3 at the most

The Format:

Take off the ‘Curriculum Vitae’ heading if you have one
Put your name and contact details at the top
Replace wordy paragraphs with bullet points
State the company, job title and date for each employer
Put your education in chronological order, latest first
Do not leave gaps
If you were travelling, on a career break or unemployed include this with dates
Put your latest/most current job as the first
Be clear with employment dates; include the month as well as the year
Leave your interests to last and be honest; your interviewer may quiz you on them

Double Check it

Ask other people for their opinion on your CV
Double check it for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors
Simply staple the pages together, bindings and plastic wallets don’t fit in files